Water-based Polyurethane

Water-based polyurethane finishes

For a non-toxic, environmentally friendly solution to enhancing and protecting your floors, talk to our team about natural oil floor finishes and water based polyurethane finishes. These non-fume coatings will effectively protect your floors, and give them a natural matte or semi-gloss finish.

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Water based polyurethane

Eco-friendly waterborne traffic-based polyurethane is a great option for anyone wanting a durable but more environmentally friendly flooring coating. It gives off less fumes during application, has a clear finish, is non-yellowing and has different sheen levels. A water-based polyurethane only takes 4 to 12 hours to dry.

Restoring polyurethane treated floors

With a combination of floor sanding technology, along with decades of experience in the industry, our team have the expertise to take your polyurethane coated floors, sand the coating away, and then apply a natural oil flooring finish or a water-based polyurethane finish.

Free quote and consultation for your flooring needs

Unsure about what type of flooring application will best suit your property? Arrange a consultation with one of our flooring team and we can discuss what options would work best for your home or business, whether it be floor staining, polyurethane coatings, whitewash application or natural oil finishes and water-based polyurethane.

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